Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Own Ruls for Tidying Up

So with the success I was feeling after my clothing purge, I decided to continue on with the rest of the house following the advise of Ms. Kondo.  But I needed to add a few rules of my own to keep myself on track.
Timely advise from a fortune cookie!

Rule number 1:  All items that are discarded need to leave the house ASAP.  No scurrying them to the basement (which is already full to the brim).  Trash goes out to the barrels, clothing and good usable household items to the Salvation Army.

Rule number 2: Stick to the category I am currently working on.  No getting distracted by mementos and photos. This one will be the hardest to follow.  I live in a constant state of distraction!  (This is the main reason why I need the extra rules.)

Rule number 3:  Take breaks as needed but don't use that as an avoidance tactic.  I don't want to completely exhaust myself in the beginning of this adventure and burn out.  Which is my pattern.   Plus, I still need to parent my children, work, volunteer, and keep up with the other daily chores.  

My goal is to have the whole house, every closet, every drawer, and the basement totally decluttered and tidy in 6 weeks.  I am hoping that in six weeks time my family and I will be in love with our home again.  

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