Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Making Room for Willy's Real Future

The next area I decided to tackle was my youngest sons clothes.  He is in the first grade and in one of those in between size stages.  In some things he is a 6, others a 6x and still others a 7.  I also had lots of clothes that I was saving for when he gets older in hopes to save some money down the road.  When I say lots of clothes I mean 6 trash bags worth. (Your read that right six bags worth!)  Some of the clothes came from friends, some of the clothes I picked up on clearance a few sizes too big hoping that they would fit in the future.  With my oldest daughters help, I hauled out all the trash bags from the closet in Willy's room and brought them down to the living room.  I also brought down drawers.  We dumped everything all over the living room floor.  After all, I needed to go through each and every piece of clothing.

First, I looked at what was too small.  Anything bellow a size 6 went into a trash bag to be donated.  Easy!  Next was anything that was a size 6 but also too small.  Now we were making progress!  Only 15 minutes into sorting and I had 1 bag filled.

Next was onto the clothes I had been saving.  I thought this was going to be harder.  I wanted to keep clothes that would work for my boy in the future and try to save us some money too.  So my requirements for these clothes was this: they had to be free from stains and holes, not faded, and something he could wear for more than one season.  I picked up the first pair of pants to look them over closely.  I discovered that the knees were badly stained and small holes were beginning to form. Ok to let them go. A word of thanks to these pants and into a trash bag they went.

I did this with each and every piece of clothing on the living room floor.  I noticed that with each piece it became easier to decide which pieces would go and which would stay.  But, boy it took some time!  My oldest daughter (who is seventeen) was rolling her eyes and huffing the whole time, "Do you really need to look at each and every piece?" "yep, I do" was my response.  After about two hours of closely inspecting these clothes, almost all of them were destined to leave our home.  I ended up keeping one small bag worth of clothing that met all of my requirements;  keeping only what would truly serve Willy well in the future.  Five bags were lined up by the front door waiting for their ride elsewhere.

Wow! Another five bags of clothes were on their way out of the house!  Hard to believe but true.  So my total trash bag count to date is 7.  Seven bags of discarded clothing from just two Goodwins!

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