Thursday, May 5, 2016

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I think I have used every excuse in the book to explain away our untidy home.  Things like, "the school sends home too many notices",  "we are so busy I don't have time to tidy up", and my all time favorite, "I am a visual organizer so I need to see all my stuff so I know what I have".  That last one absolutely kills my husband!
My visually organized pile on the dining room table.
For my husband these excuses are more than just frustrating.  He has gotten to the point of apathy to the mess.  He walks around piles and ignores most of it.  When I ask, "have you seen"  such and such item he rolls his eyes and walks away.  I can totally understand his frustration with me!  I wonder if all the untidy piles are the root cause of some of our petty arguments?

Hannah and her wheels can not navigate a messy home.

For my children the untidy nature of our home causes frustration too. Sometimes they literally can not get to something they want because of the clutter.  One of my daughters uses a wheelchair to access her world.  It makes her life so much harder when we have stuff on the floor in her way.  As her caregivers, a messy house also makes it more difficult for my husband and I.  

Not only does the untidy house cause problems in our personal life, it also causes problems in our public life.  We have missed school events, been late to appointments, and have misplaced items for work.  Constantly moving things, searching for things, and tripping over things has eaten up so much of our time!  We have become so inefficient because of our untidy house. 

SO enough of the excuses!  I need to find a way through the piles and untidiness!  No more using excuses to try and explain away the mess-it is time for action!  

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