Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Blue Ribbon Show Clothes

Next on the list was Hannah's clothes.  For some reason with Hannah, I did not stock pile as much future clothing as I did with William.  It might be because I don't often get hand-me-downs for Hannah.  But still I knew that she had drawers stuffed with clothes that needed tidying up.

Following the same routine as with Williams clothes, I dumped all of Hannah's drawers onto the living room floor.  Starting with off season clothes (which for us is now winter) I started sorting out what was too small or too stained to keep.  I was doing great making lots of decisions left and right.  But then I came to her first set of horse back riding show clothes.
One last shot before they move to their new home.

Sized 8, and much too small, I should have tossed them right into the discard bag with a quick thank you-but I couldn't!  Crazy as it seems, I just couldn't discard them to some unknown stranger at the Salvation Army.  Hannah won her first blue ribbon for adaptive horseback riding in these clothes.  They hold a lot of precious memories to me.  Now I don't know if Hannah feels the same way about them; for all I know she could despise them!  But I do know that she always sat a little taller in her chair (and on her horse) when she was wearing them.  So these clothes needed to go to a good home where I knew that some other little girl would get good use from them.  I set the riding clothes aside to continue on with the rest of Hannah's clothes.
Blue ribbon show day for my girl and her helpers!

Later in the day I contacted a family who has a little girl a few years younger than Hannah.  This little girl is also an adaptive rider and just starting out, so I figured they might want the show clothes.  The little girls mother was more than enthusiastic to receive Hannah's show clothes and I felt like I could truly let them go on to their new good home.

The rest of the piles went along easily and in the end I was able to pull out one more trash bag of discarded clothing.  Bringing the total discarded bags to 8!

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